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Charter one or both of Tradition Sailing's yachts for a unforgettable experience. We offered fully tailored set up's for privates as well as companies.


Together with you we design the cruise for the best experience. We provide the ship and a competent crew. Catering can be arranged through one of our partners. You can accommodate your guests onboard or at one of the selected hotels ashore.


  • Celebrate your birthday with family and friends with a day cruise.
  • Kick off your new fiscal year with the team onboard.
  • Invite customers for an evening cruise in the archipelago


See below for more inspiration and contact us for a first chat about a set up for you. 


Example charter set ups


Cruise the ship in the beautiful Göteborg archipelago. See Älvsborgs fortress and the silhouette of Vinga. Enjoying a seafood box on deck before silently sailing back.


During a full day cruise you can enjoy the old "snobbrännan", a passage where you see the summer villas and small fisherman houses.


Good for:

Celebrate you day with family and friends



Sail and spend the night at the island Vinga with a visit to the old light house. During a weekend the picturesque island Marstrand is also in a reachable distance. Prepare your dinner onboard or visit one of the selected seafood restaurants along the coast.   


Good for:

Bunch of friends, meeting up

Kick off the year


A multiday cruise in the beautiful westcoast archipelago. Stop for a dinner at Käringön, the true archipelago experience or at any of all the other beautiful places.


Accommodation onboard or at selected hotels.


Good for:

Bunch of friends meeting up

Kick off the year

Experience the paradise


We mainly sail in beautiful Bohuslän on the westcoast of Sweden. A clear sea meets red rocks and small fishing villages. The weather is not always sunshine but every season has its charm.

How to do it



We sail from May to October and offer tours from a few hour up to a week or more. Onboard Mathilda we are certified for 29 day passenger and 9 overnight. Nautical staff and bunker oil is included in the price.


We collaborate with local companies who offer catering for your charter. Seafood buffet, shrimp sandwich, a salad or a Swedish fika. Ask us and we can tell you more. You are also free to provide your own catering, we have a small galley onboard.


Onboard the yachts, we're always following the weather and the winds. Safety is first, but we always make sure to make the right choices to maximize the sailing experience. We can never promise a certain trip but we do everything to create the best cruise.


We fulfil the safety requirements for cruising with passengers and are certified by Transportstyrelsen. We have full safety equipment for all passengers, which includes life west and rafts amongst others.


We provide pillows and duvets for those lodging onboard. Bring your normal duvet and pillow case. There is limited space for luggage onboard so please pack in soft bags and bring only what is necessary.


We have bathrooms onboard equipped with a sink and a water closet, please bring your own towel. We shower in the harbors or take a refreshing swim in the sea.


Bring clothes to be able to join the sailing experience on deck, bear in mind that the weather at sea is always a bit more chilly than at land so better safe than sorry. A normal rain or windproof jacket is good to have. It could be a bit chilly during spring and autumn so also good to bring a hat for the daytrips. Life west for day tours are not needed but please bring one if you are sailing with us for a few days.


The departure and arrival is from Eriksberg (se "Contact us" for more information), if nothing else is arranged but another pick up point could be arranged.



Indicative prices, season 2019


Charter, per hour, 2 000 SEK

Charter, half day 5 hours, 7 000 SEK

Charter full day, 10 hours, 12 000 SEK

Charter 24 hours overnight, max 8 persons, 12 000 SEK

Charter, several days- contact us for a quote


8% tax is added on the price.

"I brought my family to celebrate my birthday onboard, what a day!"


We help you design your sailing



 A day sailing in the archipelago with your company or family or a multi day cruise in Bohuslän- what are you up for? Contact us and we will guide you to a personal set up on your tour.


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